Weekend Staff Psychologist

Cognitive Therapy for Women Psychological Services (CTWPS) invites applications for a salaried weekend Staff Psychologist position starting November 4th, 2017, or until the position is filled.   

CTWPS is a thriving private practice in Manhattan dedicated to providing high quality CBT to an adult female clientele.  At CTWPS, we treat a range of mood disorders and behavioral issues, and our treatment specialties include the treatment of reproductive-related mood disorders. Please see www.ctwomen.org for more information about our group.

Tanya Bannister, Ph.D. is the founder and Director of CTWPS, and a seasoned cognitive-behavioral therapist with over 15 years of experience in successful private practice.  Her mission is to expand and develop services at CTWPS to best serve her clientele, while also fostering a small group of clinicians in ethical business practices.

This position is ideal for applicants interested in thriving within a private practice setting, and enhancing their cognitive-behavioral skills with an adult female clientele.  We provide excellent clinical training, as well as supportive mentorship on the business of private practice.   We are so committed to fostering the successful private practices of our staff that after the completion of at least a two year tenure, the Staff Psychologist may take her entire caseload with her into her own private practice if she wishes (typically providing a six-figure income from the start).  However, this position is not designed with a limited tenure, and there may be opportunities to expand and develop her position within CTWPS as well.  

Requirements:    Only NYS licensed psychologists may apply.  Applicants must be committed to working exclusively with an adult female clientele using a CBT framework, and must demonstrate prior training in CBT or REBT.

The clinical hours of this position are from 9:00-6:00 (or alternatively 10:00-7 pm) on Saturdays and Sundays. Four hours committed to administrative duties and consultation will also be required weekly, with the bulk of these responsibilities to be completed outside of  office hours.

Preferences:  Preference given to candidates who have shown a commitment to women’s mental health issues.

Salary:  Highly competitive, salaried.

Applicant Instructions:  Please send cover letter indicating your interest in this position and experience with CBT, a c.v., and 2 reference letters addressing your clinical skills to Dr. Tanya Bannister, Director, Cognitive Therapy for Women Psychological Services, 300 Mercer Street Suite 11E, New York, NY 10003 or by email directly to bannister@ctwomen.org.


EMPLOYMENT - We are an expanding practice. For applicants interested in either a postdoctoral fellowship or a staff psychologist position (part- or full-time for either), please send a cover letter indicating interest, CBT experience, and full or part-time interest, along with your c.v. to Dr. Tanya Bannister at bannister@ctwomen.org.  Thank you.